Lavender is an essential oil that every household should not be without. Being an antidepressant it can be used to lift the spirits. Lavender is also well known as a perfume and can also be used as an antiperspirant. Lavender has been well known for its insect repellent properties and has been used for a long time in clothes drawer to keep moths at bay. Bee and wasp stings can also be soothed by this oil. When mixed with other oils Lavender has the ability to enhance their properties.    

Blends Well With:

Bergamot, Chamomile, Citronella, Clary Sage, Geranium, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Patchouli and Rosemary.   Avoid if you suffer with low blood pressure. Avoid during pregnancy.  

Can be used for: 

 Acne, Air Purifier, Alopecia, Anger, Antiseptic, Asthma, Athletes Foot, Bipolar, Boils, Burns, Catarrh, Colds, Colic, Convulsions, Dandruff, Depression, Deodorant, Detox, Dog Bites, Eczema, Excess Mucous, Exhaustion, Flatulence, Formation of Scar Tissue, Gas, High Blood Pressure, Inflammation, Insect Bites, Insomnia, Laryngitis, Leucorrhoea, Migraine, Nail Infections, Nausea, Nervous Tension, Pain Relief, Perfume, Period Cramps, Palpitations, Pimples, Psoriasis, Regulate Menstrual Cycle, Rheumatism, Ringworm, Sedative, Spasms, Spots, Sprains, Strains, Stings, Sunburn, Tonic, Tuberculosis, Viruses, Vomiting, Water Retention, Wind, Wrinkles.

One of the most well known uses of Lavender is it's ability to help with Insomnia.  

Lavender may help to bring down high blood pressure and ease palpitations.

Could be used for Sprains (massage is not recommended for Sprains), Rheumatism Sciatica and Arthritis.

The treatment Acne is said to respond well to Lavender.

This oil may help combat the effects of colds, Influenza, coughs and build up of catarrh or Sinusitis.

An excellent oil for burns and scalds.

Ringworm and Athletes Foot can be treated with Lavender.


Not a good oil to use if you have low blood pressure. Best avoided during pregnancy.  Do not take orally and do not use on children.  Do not take orally. Not suitable for use on children. This oil should be diluted. Always seek the advice of a trained Aromatherapist before using any Aromatherapy Oil.