What is the Gamma Mindset

Your beliefs control a range of various parts of your life from you health and well being, your finances and wealth right through to your love life.  They can influence your everyday life and your ability to fail or succeed.  The Gamma Mindset allows you to clear limiting beliefs in your subconscious and integrate new life empowering beliefs.


HOW Can the gamma mindset help me?

Eliminates emotional stress, anxiety, worry and fear.

Helps your mind to become super focused.

Increases heightened awareness and intuition.

In-stills powerful drive and motivation.

Each session will last between 20 -30 minutes and includes a full consultation.

You can have this treatment as a part of a combination treatment or on its own whichever you prefer.


1 Session of Gamma Mindset Coaching  - £25

Hot Stone, Warm Bamboo, Aromatherapy or Perfect Pamper 30 minute massage plus 1 Session of Gamma Mindset Coaching - £45

1 Session of Gamma Mindset Coaching and Aromatherapy (this Aromatherapy does not include a massage)  - £35


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