Are you looking to clear the energy in your home or business then look no further.  Two fantastic ladies Helen and Claire have set up Chellenaire to help you with just that.  These wonderful ladies are personal friends of Wiltshire Aromatherapy and if you would like to have a free, no obligation consultation or chat then visit their website and fill in the 'Request a consultation' form or click here.


Home alignment Visit

This is perfect for you if your life feels less than awesome and if your home feels less than wonderful so that you can go around every room and say “this feels so nice in this room.” And; “I'm sleeping in this  room / I'm entertaining in this space - and it feels incredible!”

Tailor-made to suit any size home from an apartment to a palace.

Life Alignment Programmes

So, you may have just experienced an awesome Home Visit and have been implementing the recommendations, have had a great follow-up call a few weeks later to make sure you’re on track with where you want to be and how you want to feel . . .


. . . you can feel those old habits and beliefs trying to sneak back in and take hold of your uplifted new life. Argh!

This is perfect for you if you’d like to keep uplifting the energies in your wonderful home, to ask those questions that naturally arise, and to give yourself some accountability for your personal development.